Who We Are

Our mediators are registered neutrals through the Supreme Court of Georgia. Continuing education hours are required of all mediators in the state of Georgia, our mediators well exceed the required number each and every year, in order to stay abreast to the ever changing industry.

Mediation allows parties to construct and jointly determine their own agreement through an effective process using facilitated dialogue.
Agreements reached using third-party mediation are known to have more favorable results than those agreements determined in litigation.
Mediation typically takes less time, and cost less money.

What We Do

GWS Mediation, LLC offers private mediation services and accepts court-appointed cases for an array of disputes, including:

• Divorce
• Child Custody and Visitation
• Landlord/Tenant
• Contract/Civil Damages
• Military Family Issues

GWS Mediation, LLC provides skillful and neutral mediators to assist parties in conflict in resolve their disputes in an effective and informal setting.

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